1. Visit a teashop : you know where your next treacle scone is coming from on Arran ! My favourites are (in no particular order) : the Old Pier tearoom. Lamlash; the tearoom at Brodick Castle; Machrie Golf Course tearoom; Cafe Rosaburn at the Museum.

2. Climb Goatfell : but only if you are fit, have waterproof clothing and boots. Otherwise, you may well prefer the teashop !

3. Visit Brodick Castle. This is a fascinating and ancient castle, with beautiful gardens, and a lovely view of the bay from its terraces. You can catch their historic bus from the pier.

4. Visit the Museum : it is a a museum of local history and artifacts, entirely run by local volunteers, and well worth a visit. The cafe is excellent.

5. Play golf : Arran is famous for its golf courses, they have a special offer of £95 to play all 7. Many people who live on the island are only there for the golf.

6. Visit an Art Gallery : there are a number on the island, including the Burnside Gallery in Brodick, Main Fine Art, also in Brodick, and the Arran Art Gallery in Whiting Bay.

7. Paint a picture : the island is home to a number of artists, and has several shops selling art supplies.

.8 Cycle around the island : it is a bit hilly, but interspersed at appropriate intervals with the aformentioned tearooms.

9. Take a boat trip : you will already have taken a boat trip to get there, by ferry from Ardrossan or Claonaig, but you can also take a boat trip around Holy Isle from Lamlash pier, or in summer, you can take the world famous Waverley, the world's last ocean going paddlesteamer.

10. Go to a ceilidh : these dances are usually family events, with a local band. They will have a variety of Scottish ceilidh dances, usually with a caller, and are not difficult even for the absolute beginner. Notices of dates and times are usually in the local newspapers, and also on the noticeboards near the various village halls.