Pitlochry  and the style of it was created in the years 1860 to !920. A very famous building the Dundarach Hotel was designed by Huyton in 1861 and was fully built by 1865. A monaliath of a house it today serves as a hotel.  Further built on by succeeding owners during 1890's and 1900's,the aditional  wings preserving the style, it is a living history of Victorian living at the upper end of the earning bracket. When the average working man earned his keep, 2 shillings and an ounce of tobacco per week, the Dundarach Hotel cost xpq mens salaries  to complete. Masons earned 3 x's that at 6 shillings + perks.

Huyton is famous for over emphasising his ridge pieces and finials with wrough iron work, which must have pleased the Perth blacksmith smelters hugely, You can still see this all today on Dundarach. Huyton also styled Italianate features into his works, it works fairly well, and is certainly visible but opinions differ as to the balance and appropriateness of it all. Other examples of his work and that of his students are found at Portnacraig House, the Abbey in Perth and large dwelling houses in Glen Rannoch.


The other major constructions are the Athol Palace  circa 1880, built as an hotel . Pitlochry Hydro, similar and Scottish Hydro former offices, now derelict, Portnacraig House. Formerly Fonab Castle

 The old mill inn is in the corn mill, this was in fact the new corn mill, the old old corn mill was further down, towards the bobbin mill wood. The reconstructed mill wheel can be seen turning today.