The history of Pitlochry is closely associated with the area’s relationship to Queen Victoria.  Prior to her visits to the area in the middle of the nineteenth century, the area was but a blip on the map.  But after she gave attention to the area, it became a more well-known tourist destination.  As a result, the area was greatly built up during that time.  This means that much of the history of the area which is reflected in the landscape and the architecture there was created during those Victorian times.

Despite the importance of Queen Victoria’s influence in the area, there were certain important historical influences in the area prior to her visit there.  In the early eighteenth century, a roadway was built through Pitlochry in order to link together the surrounding areas.  Even after the Victorian era, travel between that area was important and Pitlochry was a crucial link to that travel.  Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the railroad was built through the area, further increasing travel.  In the middle of the twentieth century, Pitlochry became well known for its experimentation with the hydro-electric dam there.

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