Pitlochry is a location where it is pretty much necessary to rent a car in order to get there but upon arrival, walking is usually sufficient for getting around.  The town is compact and it is considered safe.  More than that, it is a location which is beautiful and travelers should take the time to travel by foot simply in order to fully experience the area.  Additional information about walking tours throughout Pitlochry can be learned at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g18... .

Travelers who rent cars sometimes do so from the airport, to get to the area.  However, you can arrive by bus from anywhere in the UK or by train, again from any  departure point in the UK to reach  Pitlochry , You can get a self drive rental car  through Pitlochry Car Hire ( www.pitlochrycarhire.co.uk).  This car rental company operates with the standard rules, including minimum driver age limits and driver’s license requirements.  Drivers from abroad should know that the roads around Pitlochry can be narrow and driver experience is necessary,  however, with care there are not usually problems.  Phone a taxi on arrival to get you around town 01 796 472290.

Travelers seeking to explore the larger area surrounding Pitlochry can do so via their rental car or they can opt to use local buses and / or local trains for getting around.  More can be learned at http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/... .