Sometimes, just sometimes the inclement weather puts a halt to your holiday.  Here are some ideas for you to toy with in the event that you want something to do while staying relatively dry – (swimming pools excluded of course !!)


Also have a look at this link which deals with cinema in more detail. 

OmniPlex, Mahon Point Shopping Centre (12 Screens, Phone 4536666) Free Parking-Yes.   This is the newest Cinema near Cork City.   You can drive there or get the number 10 bus from the South Mall (just around the corner from the Tourist Office)

Gate, North Main Street (6 Screens, Phone 4279595) Free Parking – NO.   Quite a good cinema complex, a little worn but in a great city centre location.   You can walk to it in 10 mins from Patrick Street.   It’s called the Gate as the area North Gate was one of the old entrance gates into the walled city of Cork in the 13 th century.

Cinema World , Douglas (5 Screens, Phone 4895959) Free Parking – Yes.   This one is outside of the city in the village of Douglas, you can drive there or number 7 bus will get you to Douglas.   Lots of restaurants, pubs, shops nearby for eating, drinking and purchasing.  

Kino, Washington Street (1 Screen-Arthouse, Phone 4271571) Free Parking–No
Tiny old arthouse type cinema showing the best non-mainstream films.   You can buy a mug of coffee and a choccy biccy there and take it with you into the cinema. Frequented a lot by the ‘arties’ and intelligentsia.

Average cinema costs from 5 euro for kids to 8 euro for adults.   Watch the prices of the snacks, they can be very expensive.   Popcorn in particular is outrageously priced. Better idea is to purchase your goodies in a nearby shop before the show.

  • Surf the net (Internet Café) 
    CableKing 128 Oliver Plunkett Street
  • Double F, 86 Shandon Street,
  • Other Realms, Paul Street Shopping Centre
  • Wired to the World, 12a Washington Street
  • Net2CU, 10 Castle Street
  • Cost- about 4 euro per hour surfing.   There are many other internet cafes in the city as well.

Public Swimming

Unfortunately Cork is not endowed with too many public swimming pools, most of the pools belong to priviate leisure centres or hotels and you have to be a member to use the facilities.

Leisureworld, Rossa Avenue, Bishopstown (Phone 4346505)   Free Parking – Yes
Number 5 bus from outside Roches Stores in Patrick Street will take you near enough this complex.   It’s a 20 minute trip.   Large pool and separate kiddies.

Leisureworld, Knockfree Avenue Churchfield.

Mayfield Sports Complex and Fitness Centre (Phone 4505284) Free Parking - Yes
Number 8 bus from Patrick Street (Easons Bookshop, side of the street)   It too is a 20 minute trip.   This is a small pool, part of Mayfield community school, it’s old and well used but very well kept and the staff are very pleasant.   You should phone before you go to check details.  Cost of a public swim:   about 5 euro for adults and half that for kids.

Public Gym

As for Public Swimming
Both Mayfield and Leisureworld have great Gyms.   Leisureworld in particular has many walking, running, rowing machines, and it’s always very busy at peak hours.
Phone before you go to make sure you will get a spot on the machines !!  Cost:   Depends on what you want to use – not expensive.

Bowling and Pool

Coliseum Leisureplex, 1 MacCurtain Street (Phone 4505155), Free Parking- NO   Old and worn, but reliable and they cater for kids.   The fast food there is not great so hold off for food until after your bowling or pool.

The Planet ,Old Mallow Road, Blackpool. (Phone 4300700) Free Parking-Yes  The ‘new kid’ on the block.   State of the art bowling and pool, unfortunately a little outside of the city you must drive or get a taxi.   Caters for kids.

Mardyke Bowling Complex , Sheares Street. (Phone 4273024) Free Parking-No
Although kids are welcome, this is more an adult complex and they will expect that any children will be accompanied.   Night time is adult only.  

Drinking – On a wet day, nothing like a mini pub crawl to pubs in close proximity

Oliver Plunkett Street Central Area – Top 4 pubs (all within one minute of each other)
Old Oak
Long Valley 

Oliver Plunkett Street West / Tuckey Street
An Bróg
The Oval
The Quad

Washington Street Area – Top 4 pubs (all withing one minute of each other)
Mercury Lounge
The Bailey
Washington Inn


Indoor (Covered) Shopping Centres

The following centres are all open 7 days a week with late opening until 9pm usually on Thursdays and Fridays, but limited open hours on a Sunday, generally 12pm to 6pm.   All have free parking.

  • Douglas Court , Phone 4892444 (and also nearby the older Douglas Village Shopping Centre, Phone 4361433) 3 Miles from city centre, number 7 bus.   (15 min journey)

  • Mahon Point, Phone 4972800. 4 Miles from city centre, number 10 bus (20 min journey)

  • Ballincollig, 8 Miles from city centre, bus from bus station   (25 min journey)

  • Wilton Shopping Centre, Wilton .   Phone 4546944 Number 5 bus from Roches Stores. (20 min journey)

  • Merchants Quay Shopping Centre , Excellent shopping centre right in the centre of the city.   Phone 4275466

  • Blackpool Retail Park , Blackpool, Cork.   Phone 4391308

Crawford Art Gallery
Spend an hour in the Gallery at Emmet Place.   Small historic gallery (2 floors) with good café.   Regular exhibitions which are always free.

Cork City Library

On the Grand Parade right across the road from the tourist office. Open 6 days a week, closed on Sundays and Bank holidays.
You have to be joined to take books out (12 euro for the year) but non members are welcome to go in and browse/read the books.   There are some chairs, internet is also available and there is a study/reading/research room upstairs.
Staff are very helpful.   Good selection of books in this small, well used Library.