The pub is easy enough to find - walk down the left side of Dame Street from Trinity College until you see the mosaic of the stag on the ground. Follow it up the alley and it is right there on the left. The pub is dark and moody. It's designed to keep you safe and secret when you want a decent drink. The bar is old and original, the staff won't bother you, and the beer is lovely. You can visit it any weekday (it's dead at the weekends) and see slices of Dublin life. The afternoon drinkers retreating from the noise, the lads in for a pint after work and then the students coming from the college to continue the evening chat. (If you ever find yourself beside a noisy crew discussing the merits of speakers and debating niceties it's likely that these are the Trinity college students from the Phil or Hist debating societies ). Enjoy the noise and drama of it all because the Stag's is still a real part of Dublin's beating heart - a million miles from the schmaltzy touristy bars along the quays or on Dame Street.