As befits a city with a strong literary tradition, Dublin has a thriving theatre scene while a youthful population ensures plenty of concerts and music events.  There are many theatre venues ranging from the world-famous Abbey which specialises in the work of Irish playrights, to the more experimental Project and Peacock to the Victorian spendour of the Gaeity and the Olympia.  Admission prices are generally cheaper than other European cities - you can expect to pay between €15 to €35 per seat depending on the night or the show.  Student concessions are available at some theatres. 

Unlike London, afternoon performances are usually confined to Saturday, and at time of writing, to two theatres, the Abbey and the Gate, both within five minutes of each other.  Afternoon performances cost (in 2007), €15 to €20 per seat.

The Dublin Threatre Festival and Fringe Festival take place each year around October and are well worth checking out

There are a large number concert venues from the enormous Point Theatre on the docks to much smaller spaces.  Ther are also comedy nights in some of pubs, such as the International Bar on Wicklow Street and the Ha’penny Bridge In on Wellington Quay.  The latter do not normally require pre-booking.

Good sources of information about theatres and concerts include listings magazines such as "In Dublin", newspapers such as the Irish Times which carries a full list of all theatrical produtions each day, and webites sites such as and the Ticketmaster booking site.  Be aware that concert tickets often incur a "service charge" which may not be included in the headline ticket price.  Sometimes (but not always) this can be avoided by going to the venue directly.