There are loads of glorious areas to explore within the park:

  • From Ross Castle one can take a boat (go with a local boatman for an informative, hisotrical and humerous adventure) to Innisfallen Island.There are a few options for boat trips from 11/2 hrs to all day, depending on your needs. 
  • Follow the trail of the ancient Bronze Mines,a beautiful walk.Look out for the red deer.
  • Take a jaunting car trip with one of the jarveys (also very informative and entertaining), or
  • Just take a peaceful meander along the river
  • Ask about the massive effort to rid the park and all surrounds of the purple rhodendrons to allow the natural vegetation to return.
  • Then head into Killarney for a wonderful coffee ( or a berry smoothie) at Lir cafe... opposite the cimema