It’s not hard to get around Killarney because it’s a fairly small town. Killarney has a local public transportation system and Killarney Shuttle Bus so people can avail of this to go to Torc Waterfall, Muckross House and Gardens and also the Gap Of Dunloe . Most of the sights in town can be accessed by foot and are not far distances from each other.

There is a self-guided walking tour in Killarney that can be taken by anyone interested in seeing the local sights. The tourist office in Killarney has brochures that can be taken by visitors which talk about everything that can be seen on the walking tour. The tour is guided by signs along the route that say, “Tourist Trail,” so people wanting to stay on the trail know which way to go. The entire tour only lasts a couple of hours, even though the entire thing is done on foot.

It is also possible and common to rent bicycles in Killarney. Since most of the National Park is off limits to motorized vehicles, bikes provide a safe and efficient way to tour both portions of the local National Park: The Killarney and Knockreer Estates (on the edge of town) and The Muckross Estate (further out but still within bicycle access).

Another way to get around town is by a horse-drawn buggy referred to locally as a Jaunting Car. The buggies can be taken to see many of the sights in town, and they can also be taken to Killarney National Park. Most tourists will take one of two jaunting car tours. The first, shorter, and more common from town is through the park to Ross Castle. The second and much longer is to The Muckross Estate. 


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