One of the most popular sports in Killarney is golf. The town has seven golf courses and they are located in areas that provide beautiful views of the water, the mountains, and the lush foliage that surrounds each course. Famous championship golf games have been played on some of the courses in Killarney, but courses are available for the enjoyment of golfers at all skill levels. The Killarney Golf and Fishing Club has 3 courses. The Castlerosse Hotel has one 9 hole course. Ross Golf Club also has a 9 hole course. Beaufort Golf Course is located just outside the town. While Dunloe Golf Course is located beside Dunloe Castle and the world famous Gap of Dunloe.

The two other sports that are most popular in Killarney and all of Ireland are Gaelic football and Irish rugby.

Gaelic football is a sport most commonly associated with the country of Ireland. It is a game played by two opposing teams who attempt to make goals using a ball that can be either kicked or punched by the players. This sport is widely played by individuals who live in Killarney and Ireland, and the teams have very enthusiastic fans all over the country.

Irish rugby is another very popular sport in Ireland but not so much in Killarney or Kerry. It has been played in Ireland competitively since the late 1800s and was originally played by teams associated with Dublin University. Currently, there is a national league for Irish rugby teams and there are about 50 clubs that play within the league.