By plane:  Travelers can reach the area by plane by heading to the Kerry International Airport ( KIR ).  It is located outside of Tralee in nearby Farranfore.  Upon arrival, travelers often rent a car to proceed to their Tralee hotel destination.  Taxis are another option.

By car:  Travelers heading in to Tralee by car will most likely travel either the N69 / N21 route from Limerick or the N22 route from Cork.  However, travelers heading in to Tralee from south of the area will take the N70 highway.  In rare cases, travelers may take N86 from Dingle , Ireland .  Specific driving directions can be obtained at

By ground transportation:   Travelers can also get to Tralee via bus or train.   Both the bus and train stations in Tralee are located on John Joe Sheehy Road .   The bus connections through more cities than does the train but both connect through major locations in Ireland such as Limerick , Cork and Dublin .   Information for the bus can be obtained online at ; information for the train can be obtained at .


By boat:   Travelers can reach the area by boat by heading to the port in Fenit.   This is not a common method of arrival in the area.