Travelers will find that the best method of getting around Tralee is to get out on to their own two feet and see what there is to see in the area.  For the most part, Tralee is a college town.  All of the major sights worth seeing are located within a relatively close distance to one another and so pedestrian traffic is common.  Walking is convenient for travelers as well as for locals.  For example, travelers will find that there are several different tourist information offices which are all located on the same street (Denny: ).  Similarly, there are two main streets in Tralee where the nightlife scene is concentrated (see for more information).  Travelers who explore these areas on foot will get much more out of the experience than those travelers who make attempts to drive to each location of interest.

Travelers who get too tired to keep going on foot will find that cabs are a possibility in Tralee .  There are two major cab companies in the area (Kingdom and Radio).  Taxis can also be used as a means of getting a guided tour around the area.  Tour buses are another option although they tend to be a slow and tedious method of getting around the area.