Tralee is a location in Ireland .  That should say it all.  The Irish know how to drink and there are pubs throughout Tralee to prove it.  Some of these are for the younger adult folks who want to get the party going but others welcome in the whole family for dining and drinking.  One of the favorite places for the latter is Mrs. Ashe’s Pub ( ) which has been serving food and Irish beer to the locals for more than two centuries.  

As for the party places, anywhere near the college is the best place to start.  Abbey Street and Bridge Street are two places where travelers can find it easy to go from bar to bar in order to find one they prefer.  There are drinking bars on those streets as well as bigger dance clubs.  Horans is a favorite for the dance club scene.  Sean Ogs is a favorite for merely drinking, although it also often has live Irish fiddle music and sometimes sports on the televisions located throughout the bar.

Other popular bars to know by name are Harty’s Lounge, Oyster Tavern and Kirby’s Old Brogue Inn ( ).   Even with this insider information in mind, though, travelers should be open to going wherever looks good at the time, as there aren’t too many bad nightlife spots in Tralee .