Travelers may find it helpful to get tourist information from Sligo’s tourism office, the North West Regional Tourism Office, which is located on O Connell Street in the the heart of Sligo.  The office contains brochures and occasional discount coupons for area attractions and accommodations.  Additionally, there are helpful customer service representatives on site to answer questions from curious travelers about both historical and modern aspects of Sligo.

The office is, of course, free to visit.  It is open Monday through Friday from nine in the morning until five in the evening all throughout the year.  During the busy tourist season, which begins in April and runs through the end of the summer, the tourist office is open later during the week and is also open on weekends.  Visitors seeking exact information about the office’s extended hours can contact them via telephone at 071-916-1201.

Travelers who would like to get information from the tourism office before heading to the area, in order to assist with the planning stages of their trip, can find information at the official website of the North West Tourism Office which is located at .   Although it is not the official tourist website, an additional website with comprehensive tour guide information is the Sligo Tourism website located online at  and