The people of Waterford have a rich culture that is almost impossible to understand if you did not grow up there. An example is Waterford's unique, elaborate slang vocabulary. , the self-proclaimed Waterford People’s Website! has even developed a Slang Translator that should help you bridge the language barrier. (According to the translator, that sentence should be:, de self-proclaimed wawherfurd People’s Website! has even developed a wawherfurd Slang Translator dat should help ye bridge de language barrier boy.)

Up The Deise also offers a collection of Waterford songs , jokes and a forum where residents discuss soccer, among other cultural topics.

While this is a fairly accurate representation of modern Waterford culture, the city has a rich cultural history as well. The city’s museums and visitors' centers are largely devoted to chronicling Waterford’s status as Ireland’s oldest city. Genealogy is very popular here - even the young people of Waterford take an interest in their heritage. The Waterford County Museum in Dungarvan, Waterford has some elaborate exhibits on genealogy and is also a good place to get a comprehensive overview of the city’s history.

It’s impossible to discuss Waterford culture without mentioning Waterford Crystal. For most of the world this centuries-old crystal company defines the Waterford name. Visit the factory on Cork Road to look round the display in the Waterford Crystal Visitor's Center . For the moment there are no tours (May 2009), it is not known if or when they will restart.