If you are visiting Derby, take a trip to the Cathedral and attempt to spot the pair of Peregrine falcons that nest high on the east face of the tower.

Try and attend one of the free watch point events held by Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project on Cathedral green, which run between mid-May and the end of June each year. These provide a great opportunity to see the birds, through the telescopes provided, and also learn more about them from experts and enthusiasts.

Key times to visit during the year;

  • February/March – Adults display and mate
  • End of March/Early April – Eggs laid
  • April/early May – Incubation (lasts 30 days)
  • Early may – Eggs hatch
  • May/June – Chicks develop (this takes about 40 days)
  • Mid-late June – Chicks fledge
  • July – Juveniles learn to fly and catch prey
  • August – Juveniles start to depart

For more information about watch point events, updates on Peregrine falcons and live web cams, visit the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project blog; http://derbyperegrines.blogspot.co.uk/