Milton Keynes           


What is good about it ?

To live there it is modern and great to drive round unlike a "normal" town. Roads between the districts are 50/60/70 mph instead of 30! Who cares about roundabouts its faster to get from A to B.

There are great redways designed into the city so every part is safe to cycle on plus footpaths designed in to walk around. Hundreds of miles to go at and several man made lakes and the canal means it is great for families.

In winter the modern shopping centre is covered so it is never cold or wet.

The Excape centre gives more entertainment plus a good theatre close by  .

 Cheap option for seeing London as the train means its 30-40 mins away with late night trains.

Historic Bletchley Park is close by (5 miles).

Ice hockey & basket ball teams play in the centre and are good family events even if you're not really interested in the sports! 

Good parking and low crime

What's not so good?

Only historic buildings are hidden in housing districts

Most eating and drinking options (whilst can be good) are by chain companies

It's a walk from station to town centre (ten mins) 

The football team belongs in Wimbledon or change the name (personal opinion) !!!!!!!!!!

 Sum Up

Great place to live with a family and no wonder its UK's fastest growing city  

Sight seeing well it's not exactly historic.

Shopping or decent weekend hotel break why not? It's a far better option than most English towns !


PS = The concrete cows do exist but not in the centre .