There are an adequate number of online reads regarding Chipping Campden, including from Frommer’s and the Times Newspapers and the Guardian of the United Kingdom.  Such articles can be accessed here .

Unfortunately, lots of the tourist texts pertaining to visits to Chipping Campden are out of print.  There are, however, still a decent number that contain practical trip advice for prospective vacationers to the city, such as Chipping Campden by Catherine Gordon, and books that provide some historical context to the city’s attractions and annual traditions such as A History of Chipping Campden and Captain Robert Dover’s Olympick Games by Christopher Whitfield, which is steeped in just under 300 pages of Chipping heritage.

For tour guides to greater England that definitely well-detail activities to be undertaken and sights to be seen while visiting this city, check Frommer’s England 2006 , which weighs in at over 786 pages of suggestions and descriptions.  Fodor’s Great Britain 2006 is a similarly helpful guide, one of many by which you can work to set a perfect Chipping Campden trip itinerary.