Chipping Campden weather is rather temperate throughout the year thanks to Atlantic gulf streams.  Precipitation is high, but winter weather rarely falls below thirty degrees and the summers are also not too excessive, with occasional highs in the eighties.

The tourist-drawing festivals, competitions, and celebrations in the city occur primarily in the summer.  The Olimpick Games , which usually occur in early June, take place on Dover’s Hill, an area just above town that furnishes wonderful glimpses of surrounding villages and landscapes.  Here, open air competitions as conventional as cross country and as bizarre as shin-kicking—a sport in which opposing contestants hold one another’s shoulders and try to bring each other to the ground via kicks to the shin—attract numerous spectators every year.

Giffords Circus usually drops by with their caravans of clowns, jugglers, and acrobats come fall, and the Campden Music Festival in May, held in St. James’s Church , is one of the greatest musical draws in the UK outside of London.

Although the climate is pleasant in Chipping Campden pretty much year round, the town is most alive in the summer and perhaps this season makes for the best visits.