When visiting Chipping Campden, transport is abundant and accessible.  

A great way to see all the scenery would be to arrange a private tour; companies that are helpful in this endeavor include Airport Radio Taxis, Cotswolds Village Tours, County & Town Tours, and Shipston Taxis.  

Additional taxi service can be arranged from various nearby destinations, including from train stations in Moreton , Stratford-upon-Avon , Warwick Parkway, or Lemington Spa.

Although bike rental is another option, the best way to see this tiny city would probably be by foot.  Many prefer to walk to and from neighboring towns, villages, and scenic surrounding; however, a trek through the town itself is a short, fun way to shop and to see attractions.  In this way you can best explore attractions such as St. James Church , Grevel House , the various almshouses, the war memorial as well as the town square.  

For suggested walking tours, replete with official routes and additional expert information, try going here .