Alsace’s history begins all the way back in the 700s and 800s A.D. with the reign of Emperor Charlemagne. Of course, there are a number of museums to document everything that is occurred in the region since this time.

  • Bioscope : Its slogan is “the park dedicated to exploring life,” which may be hard to understand considering that the exhibit is devoted to the huge meteorite that struck the Alsace Plain in 1492. While the meteorite itself is not a life form, the slogan makes sense because the Biosphere presents various theories regarding the potential role ancient matter from space had in generating life forms.
  • Musee d'Unterlinden : This museum is located in the village of Colmar and is an impressive collection of French and European fine art, spanning from the Renaissance to the present day. The Unterlinden emphasizes art from the Rhine region, with some pieces by world-famous artists.
  • Musee Alsacien : Located in Alsace’s largest city, Strasbourg, this museum is a comprehensive collection of art objects and handicrafts that exemplify Alsatian culture. It is the best place in the world to explore the unique, dual traditions of Alsace, influenced by both France and Germany. Admission is a bargain at 4 Euros.

  • Musée National de l’Automobile, Collection Schlumpf : To I honour their mother, the Schlumpf brothers founded a car museum and bankrupted their business in the process. Fritz and Hans Schlumpf were autocratic Swiss wool industrialists, who collected Bugattis like little boys collect dinky toys. How did the Schlumpfs amass enough riches to furnish their private museum with Bugattis, Ferraris, Mercedes Benz, Maseratis and Porsches— to name but a few? Go to the Museum and find out. Open every day of the year except Christmas and New Year’s day, the Musée National de l’Automobile, Collection Schlumpf  accepts the Museumspass but does charge a little extra.  An audio guide, in six languages, comes with the entrance fee and there’s a restaurant and a cafeteria on site. 
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