The Bordeaux region of France, and the city which bears the same name, are both rich in history.  The region is most well known for its wine making traditions, and is also full of chateaus, cathedrals, and castles.  All of these have given birth to a great many books:  travel guides, histories, and fiction, all of which make great reading for anyone planning to come to Bordeaux. 

Being a popular destination for travelers, there are many travel guides available on Bordeaux.  The Insight Guide to Southwest France is one such guide.  This book contains excellent up to date information on the region as well as excellent photography.  Another good travel guide, one that wine lovers will not want to miss, is Discovering Wine Country, Bordeaux.  This volume provides inside information on Bordeaux's vineyards, pointing out those not to miss as well as the tourist traps.  Both books are available at