Every September is the three-week-long festival of Le Temps d’Aimer, which features ballet and modern dance performances throughout the town. Dancing and other cultural events can be seen everywhere from parks and churches to larger auditoriums.
Toward the end of April you can hear plenty of different music at the Les Fetes Musicales festival. This four-day event takes place mainly at the Casino Municipal and the Theatre Gare du Midi.
The most popular festival, however, is probably the Biarritz Surf Festival. Every July hoards of surfers flock to this surfing hotspot for a weeklong extravaganza. Festivities take place along every beach in town, and there’s no need for tickets. Just show up any time of day and join in the party.
Golfers should plan their trip for late July as well, but for a different reason. The Biarritz Cup is a nationwide competition comprising mainly French golfers. The televised playoffs take place at the Golf du Phare on avenue Edith-Cavell.   This was one of the first golf clubs in Europe , and dates to 1888.