Pau is an excellent place to do or watch sports. The city has a famous rugby club ASP Rugby that plays at the local stadium for home games, and the basketball and soccer teams are quite good as well. There are also track and field teams that practice at the Hippodrome of Pont-Long.

As Pau is home to a small but prominent English community, horseracing and horseback riding are quite popular in the city. Every October, there is a Concours Complet International, at which equestrians from around the globe converge upon the small Béarn capital to compete against each other.

Another form of sport that is very popular in Pau is car racing. The city was the first to host a Grand Prix in 1901, and the racetrack in Pau has often been used to open the racing season in February. Several important car races are still held here, though other, more modern courses in Monaco and larger French cities have replaced Pau’s hairpin-curve racetrack.

A more relaxing sport often found in Pau is golf. The Pau Golf Course is located in the park at the Château of Henry IV. It is owned by the private Pau Golf Club, but tourists may buy temporary membership passes to play on the grounds.