Clermont Ferrand has much to entice the visitor regardless of the time of year!

The weather is very reminiscent of how it used to be in the UK many years ago meaning the seasons are quite apparent although it can be much colder in Wintertime than in the UK!

The best  time of year would be Autumn due to the fact that the colours in the Parks in Clermont are quite beautiful and the city has a more relaxed feel to it. The summer crowds will have gone and you will be able to stroll and shop to your hearts content!

The square outside the Place de la Jaude  Shopping centre will still have pavement cafes open to where you can enjoy a coffee in the Autumn sunshine.

Pack you scarf and gloves because it can get very chilly here being close to the Sancy Mountain Ski Resorts and so winter is also a brilliant time to visit. You can combine a city  shopping trip with a skiing holiday!

Really it is a city for all seasons.