For more information about visiting the city of Saint-Malo, contact the Chamber of Commerce at:La Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Pays de Saint-Malo, 4 av. Louis Martin, BP 1852
35409 Saint-Malo Cedex, France

By phone at: 02 99 20 63 00. And by e-mail at:

The official Saint-Malo City Web site, which is available in French and English, offers information on accommodations and attractions in this seaside port city. The site includes information on the history of the city and region, lists upcoming events and even provides a guide to area restaurants. Maps and weather information is provided to help you plan accordingly before you arrive.

If you’re looking to venture out a bit and explore the countryside of Brittany, then be sure to visit the Official Brittany Tourist Board Web site as well. It includes information about this northern province of France, and includes lists of attractions, accommodations and things to do and see. It offers suggested circuits, which include Saint-Malo, along with other exciting places in Brittany.

Write to the Brittany Tourism Board, 1, rue Raoul Ponchon, 35069 Rennes Cedex, France.