The city of Nantes on the Atlantic coast is across the province of Brittany. It is the capital city of the Pays de la Loire region, and one of the largest cities in Brittany. It is home to several unique sights that visitors may want to take in.

These include the 15th century Cathedral Saint-Peter Saint-Paul, which is one of the most impressive religious structures of the era in Northern France. It is catacombs include the tombs of the Dukes of Brittany, along with other minor French nobility.

The city is also home to the 10th century castle on the Loire River, which today remains a popular tourist attraction. The nearby Tower of Brittany is a picturesque tower that continues to stand proud, seemingly guarding the scenic town.

In addition to the past the visions of the future, at least the future according to 19 th century science fiction writer Jules Verne can be seen at the Musee Jules Verne, the museum that honors the author. Located in the southwest part of the city, the rather modern looking museum, which is fitting considering the author, includes mementos of Verne, who was a native of this seaside city and wrote many of books here.