There are two main things which people do on a visit to Beaune; they enjoy the wineries of the area and they explore the historic sites of the area.  These two things can be combined with a visit to the Musee du Vin de Bourgogne ( ) which is a historical wine museum.  Visitors can not only enjoy wine tasting in this location but can also learn about the importance of this local art to the history of Beaune.

Speaking of art, visitors may also be interested in experiencing the art museums of Beaune.  The two most well-known of these types of museums are the Musee de l’Hotel-Dieu ( ) and the Musee des Beaux-Arts et Musee Marey ( ).  Travelers will find that the local tourist information center and local travel agencies sell combined tickets which offer a reduced price to travelers who go to see both of these two famous museums.

The major difference between the two museums is that, while they are both art museums, the latter is focused more on the actual art work and the former is more of a historical museum which includes art exhibits.   The Hotel-Dieu was originally a hospital and is known as much for the history of its architecture as for the exhibits its holds.   The Musee des Beaux-Arts contains numerous art exhibits but the most famous are those showcasing the work of Felix Ziem, a local painter who worked in the area in the late nineteenth century.