If you have yet to visit this city, you are in for a culinary adventure. As so much of the culture in this city is centered on food, exploring Burgundy cuisine is a must for any trip to Dijon. This is probably the only place (even in France) where you will be able to find artisan-made pots of Dijon mustard in unusual flavors for sale, as most French markets sell mass-produced varieties of this condiment. Also try a wine-tasting tour from one of the several famous vineyards located outside of town; Burgundy wine made from Pinot Noir grapes are internationally renowned. Also try the city’s unofficial drink, kir, which is a blend of blackcurrant liqueur and red Burgundy wine. Bars also offer variations on the cocktail using champagne, cider, or creams of different flavor.

The town center (Centre Ville) of Dijon is one of the most historic and scenic of any major French city, due to the fact that it escaped bombing or heavy raiding during the last two wars. As such, the French Minister of Culture has labeled it a City of Art and History. Some of the main historic monuments in the city are the Porte Guillaume on place Darcy, an arch that was originally part of the fortified walls surrounding the city. The Cathedral of Saint Bénigne, built in the Gothic style, dates from the 14th century and has an abbey that has been converted into an archaeology museum.