Visitors to Blois have a number of options for getting around the city and the rest of the country, and include by car, bus, train, and taxi.

A personal vehicle is the most convenient form of transportation available in Blois , as it allows the greatest freedom and flexibility in travel.  However, first time visitors to the country should check out this Driving in France page before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car.  Many people choose to fly into the Charles de Gaulle International Airportrt, which is located about 20 miles away from Paris and about 100 miles northeast of Blois and stop by one of the many Car Rental Agencies around the Airport to pick up a vehicle for their trip.

There is a network of buses with routes, which connect key destinations around Blois , as well as certain locations around the region.   For more information, visit the Tourist Information Office in town, located at: 23, place du château.

France has a wide network of trains that connect most major towns and cities throughout the country, and there is a train station located in Blois .

Taxis are an option for getting around the immediate town of Blois .  The best way to get a taxi is to call one of the agencies ahead of time to arrange for a pick-up.  Most hotels, restaurants, and bars will be happy to make this call for their customers.  Because many drivers do not speak English, it is a wise idea to bring along a map with the desired destination circled.