The culture in Orleans remains true to the general culture of France. Cuisine and the entire gastronomic experience are highly treasured here. Taking true time to dine in Orleans and in France is truly a part of the whole experience.

Situated in the Loire Valley, Orleans holds onto the feeling and charm of a smaller town despite its easy accessibility to the capital. The people are very proud of their ancient city's history as one of the country's oldest cities and its intriguing history with the French hero, Joan of Arc. The Loire Valley is home to many of France's best preserved castles and beautiful green meadows. Appreciation for nature and agriculture is important for the region's people.

Important notice should be taken for restaurant culture in Reims and in France. Servers in restaurants tend to be much more task oriented than people oriented when comparing to some nations, notably, what Americans are used to. In France, the dining experience is sacred and a waiter does not want to be in your way while you eat; that said, if you  need something politely flag him/her down or try to make eye contact. Tipping is included in the bill but people generally tip an additional 10% in an upscale restaurant or round up the coins in a regular eatery.