Traveleling with all ages to Reims is no problem. Older children however, will be more entertained in this ancient city as one of its major highlights includes Champagne tours.

Traveling by train to Reims from Paris or other major cities poses no difficulty for a family. Train travel is a regular form of transit in France; children are respected on trains and you will see many on all train routes within the country.

While in Reims, strolling the Drouet d'Erlon is one of the best ways to see the city. The half-mile long pedestrian walkway is filled with gastronmic heaven; a plethora of bars and restaurants line the street. Boutique and department store shopping is also a big highlight in Reims and therefore, older children will enjoy the activity more so than younger kids and infants.

Champagne tours are for the most part, geared toward adults. The best Champagne tour for families is at Piper Heidsieck, as the tour begins in a traveling Champagne barrel and features fast paces movies to explain the Champagne business and the house's history. If you are traveling with older children you may also enjoy tours at Taittinger and Pommery.

For a real taste of this city's history, the must see landmark is the Cathedral Notre Dame de Reims which is a true testament to Gothic architecture. This magnificent cathedral is where the crowning of France's kings took place.