Reims has played one of the most important roles of French cities for this country's past. It is where the crowning of the kings took place, it was a getaway for royalty, it saw war troops, grand architecture, and became the star of the Champagne region. It is full of attractions, the most famous being the Champagne vineyards and chateaux.

Champagne tours are incredible ways to learn how the Chardonnay grape is cultivated and turned into the world's most festive beverage. The major chateaux and cellars offer tours and gift shops. The tour at Piper Heidsieck, is different in the way that  the tour begins with guests traveling in Champagne barrels and features fast paces movies to explain the Champagne business and the house's history. But  Taittinger,   Pommery, and Veuve Cliquot are also great places for an informative tour.

For a real taste of this city's history, the must see landmark is the Cathedral Notre Dame de Reims which is a true testament to Gothic architecture. Walking inside the cathedral also depicts scenes of early Champagne making told by beautiful stained glass.

Of course, the French are also known for their art, Reims' Fine Arts Museum on the Abbey of Saint Denis should satisfy tourist desires for French art.