If you think that Paris is an expensive city, you're not mistaken, but there are a few ways to have fun while you're in the city of light without getting bankrupt:

- Free Museums: If you go to Paris, you'll probably go to the Louvre, which is free to enter every first Sunday of the month and under other conditions.  Click the link to see a list of other Free Museums in Paris.

- Free dance classes: Every Thursday and Friday from May to September, you'll find teachers and plenty of dance lovers offering free lessons of salsa or rock. It's all summer long, and in one of the most beautiful spot of Paris, being the river banks (of the left bank) in front of the Institute of Arabic cultures. Also perfect to do people watching and a picnic.

- Free movies: Cinema outside is something that Parisians cherish a lot during their summer. Untill the 21th of August. Find the program here.

- Free Tours: A new company of local Parisians showing their own city during fun and informative walks. Everyday all year long. More info here.

- Free music concerts: All July long during "Paris Plage" (Paris Beach), plenty of free concerts in front of the main city hall.

- Free food: For a free "couscous" (typicall north african food) go every thursday & saturday at " La cordonnerie", 142, rue Saint-Denis 2nd district. If you have some drinks, they'll serve you a plate for free. Arrive early to make sure you'll get a sit. Great ambiance.

 -Free Galleries: There are a variety of galleries in Paris you can visit for free all year long.

 - Free Cemeteries: Paris is home to some of the worlds most fascinating cemeteries. Visit the graves of people like Jim Morrison. You can find Paris cemeteries with free entry all year round. 

 -Free Cathedrals: Many of the most famous cathedrals in Paris have free entry all year round. They also play free concerts and some have free tours as well.