The Aquarium de Paris (also known as CinéAqua) is located at the Trocadero, just across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower.

It has all the regular tanks that a decent aquarium should have. It spirals down from local (Seine, Atlantique) to more and more exotic exhibits from the méditerranean to Coral reefs and, of course, a shark tunnel.

What is a bit different about this aquarium is that it is coupled with a movieum, showing some nature films (One day on planet earth or documentaries on sharks) and also fictions (Asterix w/ Cléopatra, Asterix at the Olympics). Voice in French and subtitles in English. There are also a couple of movie trivia exhibits as well as an area where the kids can play the "weather guy".

In addition, there's also some pedagogical activities going on all through the day (for kids).

Finaly, there's a small café next to the souvenir shop, and a japanese restaurant, Ozu, overlooking the basins. In the middle of the Aquarium, there's also a lounge where you can rest and eat your picnic.

Charges are around 20€ for adults and 13€ for kids. For more information :