The Musée Picasso is nestled on the west side of Paris, in "The Marais" area, in the 3rd Arrondissement. To reach the Museum, it is next Line 8 stop Saint-Sebastien-Froissard or Chemin vert, or Line 1 stop Saint-Paul.

 Located in a beautiful Private Mansion (Hotel Particulier), named Hotel Salé, which was build at the end of the 18th Century. In 1976, the inside is totally changed in order for this Private Mansion to host the Picasso Museum, the paintor died a year before the decision was taken to changed this place into a museum, in 1973. The museum opened in 1985, and host more than 200 paintings from Picasso (given by his heirs), 150 sculptures and mutliple drawings. There are also in the museum paintings and object from Friends of him, like Bracque, Matisse, Miro or paintors he admired like the Dounaier Rousseau or Cézanne.

The museum was closed in 2011 for renovation and re-opened in September 2014, for the Journée du Patrimoine, with an richer collection of more than 500 piece of art. The Inauguration ceremony was the 25th  October, and was made by the French President, François Hollande. 

The museum is closed on monday, so be careful when you plan your visit! Be careful also because you can wait on the line for a long time before gettint into the museum. A tip to avoid that situation would be to take a tour, like Discover Walks which propose Marais tour (trendy area around the museum) and cut-the-line ticket, to vist the museum fastly and allow you not to lose time during your Paris visit! 


Here, you have two very hepful link to plan your visit: