Versailles is just over twelve miles outside of Paris and is therefore an incredibly easy destination to reach.

To fly into Paris, you will probably arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport, which is actually just outside the city in a village called Roissy.  The largest airport in Paris, it has two terminals.

The other major airport, Orly, is located just south of the capital in the suburb of Orly; it also has two terminals.  Both will take you into the city via cab, car rental, or train.

If you get a rental car or you want to cab it, take Motorway A13 heading towards Rouen.

Taking the train into Versailles is a cinch.  Travel via the RER along line C5, make a right upon exit at Versailles, and follow the crowds to the Palace.  Or, take the SNCF rail to Versailles.

Finally, there is also bus service from Paris to Versailles, via the RATP on line 171.  Get off at Versailles-place d’Armes.