Carcassone is part of the Languedoc, a region that locals call the “country of the winds”. Winds from the west, north and south made the Languedoc area gain that name. There is the Tramontane wind that comes from the north and cleans the skies, the Cers, a milder wind that comes from the West, and three winds that blow from the south: the Scirocco, the Autan from the south east, and the Marin a very warm and humid wind. The most popular winds is the Cers. It is a dry wind: very cold in Winter and quite warm in Summer and it is an indicator that the region will have a good Summer.

There are more than 300 sunny days to enjoy in this region. There is some rainfall in the rest of the year but it is low. Temperatures in Summer can hit the 90F and expect thunderstorms in August and in the following months. Winters are not so cold and temperatures can hit the 30’sF. There are really few probabilities of getting any snow but still count with it specially if you are driving.