Nestled in Southern France near the border with Spain the village of Collioure is almost lost in time. Henri Matisse said, “In France there is no sky as blue as the one in Collioure.” Those blue skies, as well as the colors of the Mediterranean that delighted the painter are present almost year round in this picturesque French town.

The region is one of almost endless great weather, and you can see why this was such a draw for painters and artists from across Europe. The “Tramontane” north wind provides a pleasant ocean breeze that helps keep visitors cool under the cloudless skies. The summers in Collioure can be exceptionally hot, with temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s during the day in July and August. The cool breezes at night make for comfortable sleeping without air conditioning.

It cools down a bit in September with daytime temperatures in the 70s, and only the slightest chance of rain. The winters are a bit cooler but even in December and January. There is a bit more rain during the winter, but you can still expect plenty of sun that makes seeing the historic sights possible throughout the year.