One of the best methods of obtaining information about an area is to visit its tourist information office first thing upon arrival in the area.  This is because the tourist information office of any location is geared specifically towards researching updated information of interest to tourists.  Such information may include the latest exhibits at local museums, the newest events being put on by the city and the details about accommodations.

Visitors interested in obtaining this type of information for their trip to Limoges should check out the website for the Office De Tourisme (  The physical office of this Limoges tourist information center is located at 12 bd. De Fleurs in Limoges .  This just off of the main road Boulevard Louis Blanc.  See for specific driving directions.

The Office de Tourisme for Limoges can be contacted via telephone at 33 (0) 555.341.912.   Alternatively, travelers can get information from the office via email at .   Travelers who will be spending time in other parts of the Limousin and greater France region should also learn about the other locations of tourist offices in the area; see for details.   Additional information can also be learned through AngloInfo’s tourist office information page: .