The Chateau Fort is located on the east bank of the Gave River about 150 meters above ground level. There are two 10 storey elevators to take you up to the parade ground. At least three panoramic views of the town of Lourdes and of the valleys surrounding  Lourdes are at the southern tower, at the Keep, and from the Esplanade des Cavaliers, where there is a  pretty garden and a statue of Bernadette. There is a splendid view of the Gave River and The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception looking west. The Chateau Fort was built in the 8th Century and was actually besieged by Charlemagne in 778.

There is a museum inside showing the history of the Pyrenees area, with medieval costumes, tools, and furniture.

The Chateau Fort is just around the corner from the Cachot, where Bernadette lived during herapparitions of the Virgin Mary. Just go up the Rue de la Grotte from the Pont Vieux Bridge to the Rue des Petits Fosses, take a left and go about 50 meters to the Cachot on the left, and then go another half block to the next corner, where you take a left and walk about 100 meters up to theChateau Fort entrance. The charge is about 5 euros for an adult.