Lille has many unique and beautiful buildings throughout the city limits. There are many 17th Century cobble-stone streets where you can still see the ruts from carriages that went over them for so many years. Many of the buildings in the city were built in different styles. Some of the styles represent different ideas and periods of growth in France's history. There are many older buildings with Norman designs that represent an almost Gothic texture. Some of these buildings stretch high into the sky, and others are small and hidden behind larger buildings. Some of these buildings have been designated as historical preserves, and some are just decrepit and falling apart. There are many antique shops that line the streets, and these buildings often times are antiques themselves. Many of the designs come from classic early 20th Century French designs. Unfortunately, a lot of those buildings have been destroyed since World War II, but some are still intact. The churches in France are spectacular, and Lille is no exception. Though the church is not as complex as the Notre Dame in Paris, it is still worth checking out. In recent years there have been some modern buildings being built, which has bothered a lot of locals, who say they are ruining the beauty of the city.