Lille is only an hour from Paris, one hour and twenty five minutes from London, and one hour from Brussels if you are taking a train. Because of the speed and efficiency of the Eurail, it is highly advised to take the trains wherever you go in Europe. If you wanted, you could fly into Paris and either drive to Lille or just take the train from there. If you do drive into Lille, it is best to leave your car on the outskirts of town near a Metro stop if possible. It can be very hard to find parking in Lille sometimes and the Metro system works just fine. You will have no problem getting parking in the suburbs or at a Metro station. If the station is big enough, there will be a parking garage and you can just pay a flat rate to leave the car there for a few days if you wish. If you drive to Lille from Paris, the drive will take you about two hours, depending on road conditions and traffic. Lille is also about an hour away from the Chunnel between England and France. To drive from Brussels to Lille will also take you about an hour. Lille does have an airport, but as is typical with most tourists, the first spot in France they will visit in Paris and then move outward. However, if you wish to fly into Lille, you can do so and use a number of different airlines.