Normandy boasts the most exquisite works of arts and crafts. Woodworks, tapestry, pottery, umbrellas, make your pick. Local master craftsmen open their workshops to exhibit and sell their produces. Can you imagine a musical box made of some local wood such as apple, cherry or elm? Visit Flambardiere’s workshop located on Omaha’s Beach Road. There is a kind of blue only found in Normandy, where? Stop by Coffignal Pottery workshop, not only can you buy some of their ceramic objects but also watch the process by which craftsmen produce that unique blue. Or learn about crafting umbrellas at Parapluis H20.

If you are an Antiques shopper, the area offers an array of stores, specially in Bayeux. You’ll find those that specialize in porcelain, old lace, and old furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries, or others that offer a variety of antique items including paintings, old weapons, jewelry and glass items. The stores are open every day with the exception of Sundays and they all close for lunch. One of the best stores with the widest selection of antiques is Brocante et Depot Vente de Bayeuz in Bayeux downtown.