Weather in Bayeux is quite temperate due to its location by the sea, it is officially called a maritime climate. Summers are warm and winters are mild, rain however is a part of the climate all year round, winter seeing more rain than summer.  Winter does see the occasional snow and frost as well, but in general the climate is pretty moderate in winter and visiting Bayeux during this time can still be delightful, especially around Christmas when the  town takes on an addition to its charm.

Summer is of course, a great time to visit the city and is the high season. Summer weather gets quite hot and the northern location that it holds keeps the sun beating down for many hours. When you hear about cyclists loving region however, part of it is that it does not get nearly as hot as most other parts of France and can be more compared to southern England than inland France. Either way, sunscreen is necessary even if it doesn't feel as hot as the rest of France, the sun is still beating down with force!

The ongoing rain isn't enough to spoil a vacation most of the time and it does have a benefit, the nature surrounding Bayeux is incredibly lush and green.