Shopping in France is always great. The French love style for their clothing and their homes and tend to favor the smaller boutiques for originality. Bayeux is a small town but very touristy and therefore, has many top-notch boutiques exist.

Tourists can spend much of their time shopping on rue St. Jean which not only has the typical tourist shops but also high quality stores with antiques. If it's art you are after you are best heading to Place aux Pommes where there are artist workshops featuring various types of work.

Shopping for gastronomic pleasures is usually a goal while in France as well and you will have no difficulty accomplishing that at the local food stores and city markets.

Shoppers should make note that many stores close for the lunch period which is not always set to perfection but usually lasts from around noon to 2pm. Also, as with most stores in France, shopping on Monday is not a good idea, many stores remain closed.

If you come for the Christmas holiday you are in luck, the city is filled with Christmas Markets featuring homemade goods and enough gifts to finish your shopping.