Deauville is said to be a living museum. And, it is no wonder the incredible buildings and sites will take the traveler to a trip into the past.

Admire the Town Hall built in 1881; strollalong the market square and the covered market constructed in 1923; the Pier originally built in 1849and revuilt after it was destroyed in World War II; the Normandy Barriere Hotel dated in 1912; the Casino inaugurated in 1864 and replaced in 1912; the Pompeian baths, and the list is endless.

Tours are organized  over the Summer to visit many of these historical buildings and sites. Visitors will admire the luxurious interiors and the majestic facade of Villa Strassburger also called Ferme du Coteau or the Hillside Farm built where Gustav Flaubert family had their farm.

Travelers will travel in time as they walk along the Railway Station built in 1931. The Station follows a Norman architectural style that the visitor will immediately recognize.