If you need a retail fix while visiting Rouen, you need not despair. There are a variety of shopping options here, whether you need some good mussels for dinner, you need a chocolate fix, or are looking for a Hugo Boss suit. All that and more can be found here.

France is the gastronomy capital, of course, so if it’s food you want, food you shall find. The Auzou chocolate shop is an institution in Rouen, providing beautiful chocolates that will make you swoon with delight. You can get chocolates in a variety of unique shapes, and flavors. The best selling chocolate is the “tears of Joan of Arc” (or larmes de Jeanne), which is a coco dusted confection consisting of chocolate and caramel with an almond in the middle.

Once your sweet tooth is satiated, consider some of the other shopping Rouen offers. Need a suit? There’s a Hugo Boss store here. A new lipstick? Sephora can help you with that.

Finally don’t miss any of the excellent markets in Rouen, particularly flea markets, which are a popular way to shop in France to find affordable and unique clothing and décor items. Depending on the market you visit, you might be choosing between a wide variety of fish or cheese. Or you might be faced with an interesting array of handmade jewelry or gift items. On Sunday afternoons, be sure to head to the city centre where all the restaurants will be happy to feed you and there will be a number of booths offering a wide variety of food.