Aix-en-Provence can best be described a charming Provençal town with the attitude of a ritzy urban area.  Paul Cézanne's Mont Sainte Victoire watches over  the town's narrow streets, filled with sophisticated shops and scores of eager people.  The town is surrounded by pristine countryside, but one need not leave the town to experience big city life.  This delightful mix of affluent boutiques and cheap crêpes form the great place that is Aix.

It is nothing short of a wonderful town. In the large Old City (Vieux Aix),  there are little squares all filled with restaurant tables or local markets. The markets are fantstic with flowers, fruit, vegetables, olives, cheese (and what cheeses!!), spices, and herbs. The herb/spice stalls are amazing; the smells are overwhelming. Cézanne was born,worked and lived here and there are an excellent galleries and  other local connections. For a self-guided walking tour of his life, follow the golden Cs on the ground.  There are plenty of restaurants and the local wine is of a high standard, just get the jug of local wine, forget the labelled bottles and enjoy.

The city is a place for walking. Also, in the summer heat you might consider staying just outside in the country or relaxing in one of Aix's numerous parks.

Whether the traveler likes beautiful art, long walks through the park, or great Chinese food, Aix is sure to impress.