Arles, located in the historic region of Provence, enjoys a warm and dry Mediterranean climate that draws many visitors from the north of France each summer. Arles, though not on the Mediterranean Sea itself, sits along the bank of the Rhône River only some 25mi (40km) north, and has similar weather as popular seaside resorts such as Marseille and Toulon.

The region gets nearly 3000 hours of sunshine annually, almost twice that of some parts in the north of France, and rain only falls 30 to 50 days out of the year, most of which occur during the spring. During the winter and early spring, the cold Mistral winds from the north make the area rather chilly and windy, but even in January and February the average temperature remains in the mid-50s (around 12°C), meaning it almost never snows.

During the summer, Arles can get quite hot as winds from North Africa blow across the Mediterranean. The average July temperature is about 85°F (28°C), and there are frequently days above 90°F (32°C). In recent years, especially, there have been several heat waves across Europe in which temperatures rise well above 100°F (38°C), so take precautions against dehydration and sunstroke. Also, it is a good idea not to do heavy traveling on the 1st, last or 15th days of July and August, as these are days on which people from the north of France usually have mass exoduses to the Mediterranean, clogging up auto routes, train stations and airports.